MuBild -painting

Magnetic North, oil on canvas, 86 x 96 cm

Frith Powell is an  artist working in Oxford, England. He trained at Konstfack in Stockholm in the late 60’s, exhibiting in Scandinavia and Europe before returning to England in the late 70’s.

His work is the result of sustained engagement with visual and philosophical themes on which he has worked with single-minded dedication for almost half a century.

It falls into different categories:

  • MuBild two and three dimensional works including many large oil paintings, which propose non-derivative abstract entities and ‘fictions of reality’
  • The Singular Apprenticeship of Fabio Penitente: a substantial subgroup of work channelling a fictional alter ego and including Skills of the Poor; small sculptures of a quasi-anthropological nature
  • Figurative works on paper

This website allows you a small glimpse of his work. Use the contact page to get in touch and find out more.

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